Can You Leave Your Car at The Airport for A Week?

Planning for a flight out of Heathrow for an extended period of time? Well, one of the things to put into consideration is the parking options available to for this period. Heathrow airport is one of the busiest in the world and traffic nightmare can put someone over the edge, however, there are options available for parking for the long term that will ease the stress of searching for a place to leave your car.

Valet Parking

Lastly, if you need a classy touch to your parking experience, Heathrow airport offers a valet parking program where you drop off your car at the passenger drop off point, the airport staff take your car to the airport parking Heathrow official car park, on return your car will be waiting at the valet pick up area. This option provides car care services including a professional hand car wash and interior vacuuming. This method requires you to book in advance. As you might have guessed this method is not cheap and it costs £214 for four days and an extra £28 each day after this. Therefore, in a week, the cost will be around £298.

Heathrow Long Stay

The most convenient and cheap way to park at Heathrow airport when you are out for the holidays, this option provides security to the cars as the airport provides frequent patrols, CCTV monitoring, park mark aware for safety and security and security fencing. It also provides convenience as there are bus shuttle running around the clock at an interval of 10 minutes and the transfer takes around three minutes. The time taken by the bus shuttle to each terminal depends on how far it is from the parking with an average of 5 minutes to terminal 4, 8 minutes to terminal 5, 11 minutes to terminal 2 and 18 minutes to terminal 3.

Parking is free for the first two hours, and it costs £29.50 each day and an additional £23.50 each day thereafter.

Reentry to this parking is prohibited within 24 hours for the same vehicle. Also, a parking reservation can be canceled 1 day prior without incurring any penalties.

Image of a bus shuttle at Heathrow long stay

Off Airport Car Parks.

Another option is choosing to leave your car in a car park near the airport that is not under the management of the airport, one instance for this type of car park is the purple parking car park.

These privately managed car parks they offer very low rates compared to long stay car parks at the airport with just about £54 for 8 days. Security is also given priority here with CCTV monitoring, security fencing, and frequent patrols. A great advantage for this type of parking is the convenience in that you do not need to drive all the way to the parking lot and then find your way to the terminal, once you arrive at the terminal a driver from the car park meets you there and signs for your car then drives it off to the off-airport car park, upon arrival the car will be driven to the terminal for you to drive off.

Video on a review of the purple parking car park quite reliable and cheap.